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The Swingers world

Swinging is most commonly referred to a swinging lifestyle. It is a non-monogamous sexual activity practiced by couples. Those who follow this type of sexual activity are called as swingers. Swinging has come about as a result of the sexual revolution that took place in the recent decades. The sexual revolution was a result of changed social thought and behavior pertaining to sexuality across the Western world. Today it has grown and spread around the world. Sexual revolution began in the 1960s and 1970s due to the pervasiveness of safer sex practices. Swinging has also been known as wife swapping. But this term was criticized as a very male oriented viewpoint. It does not describe the swinging practice entirely.  

Swingers can be couples or singles seeking other couples and singles to literally share themselves and their spouses with them. This activity is performed with no barriers and involves extreme sexual activity. Swinging involves both partners into the act. Wife swapping however leads one to believe that only the wife exchanges places. The swingers have no age limits and one can find people of all ages involved in it. From older couples to married couples to teenagers everybody can practice this activity. In fact one of the conditions to be accepted into such an activity is that you have to be a happily married couple. The reason behind such a condition is that one must not dwell into this activity in order to escape an unhappy marriage or relationship. It is done with the consent of the couple.  

Many are horrified at this type of sexual practice but to a swinger it just another social event. Many would not even dream of letting their spouse get involved with another individual or let them have casual sex, it will be looked upon as cheating. The swingers are however blind to such beliefs and carry on without a second thought. There are many types of sexual activities practiced by the swingers. They are wild and strange just like the swingers. The following are a few types of swinging activities.  

Soft swinging:

Soft swinging includes all sexual activities other than sexual intercourse. In this type of practice the swingers stop at the last moment and switch to their original partners. Through this practice the first time swingers get introduced the world of swinging.  Open swinging  This type of swinging activity involves having sexual intercourse with the other partner. This is also called as full swap. The swapped couples have sex on the same place or even on the same bed. This type of sexual activity can include more than three individuals at a time.  

Closed swinging

In this swinging activity the swapped couples have sexual intercourse but not in the same room. In this practice the swapped couples take to separate bedrooms.  Swinging however has not remained true to its original principal. Couples and individuals follow this activity without any rules and they might even split after this practice. The main reason behind this activity is the achievement of sexual fantasy without really cheating on your other half.

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