Fetish which is also commonly known as sexual or erotic fetishism is the sexual attraction of objects which are not normally considered sexual in nature. Fetish can be diagnosed as a perihelion in the ICD and the DSM but the criteria for it is that if the fetish causes a specific person any amount of distress or has damaging effects on the person’s life. But most of the people embrace their fetish as a liking and don’t seek to get rid of it. In some cases, parts of a body or only one part of the body can be a subject of sexual fetishes. In this case the part of the body preferred by the fetishist takes a sexual superiority over the owner. But, the perceptions of sexual fetishes depend upon the person’s attitude for it. It may be considered as a boosting element in the person’s life and relationships or may be considered as a disorder. As far as the results of observations made on people of all ages and over a 20 year period in a teaching hospital, an exciting report was files which said that the sexual fetish of people consists of clothing, rubber things, foot wear, and body parts to soft materials, fabrics and even leather and leather stuff.

 Fetish can be classified into two different types. They are: Plastic Love and Spiritual Love. The devotion of a person towards object materials like foot wear, body parts, and textures is called as Plastic Love. The devotion of a person towards a particular mental occurrence like the attitude of the partner, occupation, social status of the partner is together considered as Spiritual Love. In the modern world, fetish is considered as a product of strong emotional and physical experiences. But there are also instances where there is no possible explanation for it except for the hereditary disorder or the brain construction.

 Some of the research psychologists in the world believe that sexual fetish to an object or any other thing, be it Spiritual or Plastic, is connected to the simultaneous appearance of an in animate object as well as sexual arousal leads the object being permanently connected to sexual arousal. Also, some of them believe that during the early childhood erotic feeling existed and the early experience which the child has with its own body determined the sexual orientation of a child. All these aspects considered and relied upon, the psychologists were unsure why were the fetish existed till the end of the person while other associations and habits changed and faded over the years. In that case, the only possible explanation the psychologists could come up was that fetish people suffer from hypersensitivity and pathological sexual degeneration.

 In the modern theory, many of the sexual orientations of a person which is commonly called fetishism are looked upon as regular and normal sexual variations of the person’s sexuality. Also, the orientations which are called as potential forms of fetish are normally considered as agreeable but only in the case where the people involved in it do not find it uncomfortable.


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