Likes and Dislikes about Swinging

 The whole idea of swinging may seem like a very shocking behaviour where your partner will get intimate with someone else. Swinging since its beginning in the 1950s has become an acceptable alternative lifestyle where trustworthy couples who have enough confidence in each other will be involved in swinging. This practice will not affect the relationship between a couple and is said to improve and strengthen it. There are many like and dislikes which are related to swinging which any couple should be aware of before they enter into such a lifestyle. Swinging is a very sensitive issue and it questions the whole sanctity of marriage. Swinging is considered as the brain child of the whole free liberalism and right to freedom. Whatever it be, swinging is here to stay.

 Likeness about swinging

 The basic idea of swinging is to get intimate with a consenting adult rather than your partner in a very relaxed environment with an open free mind. This makes the whole idea of swinging arousing and very stimulating. Swingers say that having an affair will help in improving your own relationship with your partner. This is a psychological aspect of swinging which makes you feel good and helps in improving your sexual capabilities. Swinging helps a person to re-discover their own sexuality which will help you to understand more about love making and other aspects that you were previously unaware of. Swinging will give you a very liberate feeling and encourage you to approve your spouse. The whole frankness and openness about swinging is what attracts many couples towards it. Swinging is said to be a great turn on which helps you to feel free and more open. Other aspects why people like swinging is it helps people to enjoy all their fantasies and look at sensuality and love making in a whole new way.

 Disliking of swinging

 There are aspects about swinging that may make you dislike it. The common reasons like disapproval of the concept getting all intimate someone else rather than your partner to whom you are emotionally committed. If the current relationship is very unstable then it will get worse if you go for swinging. This is because when your partner gets intimate with someone else it may make you very uncomfortable and cause emotional problems. It may even lead to a break up or a divorce. Swinging has evolved into a lifestyle nowadays and it is looked upon with mixed emotions. The whole concept of openness and frankness is very attracting about swinging. But, when you choose someone else over your own spouse for satisfaction then it raises questions about your commitment towards your own partner.

 Power of decision

 Swinging is fast gaining popularity and more and more couples are adopting this form of lifestyle. It has its own likes and dislikes and you have the power of choice whether to go for it or not. Those who are interested can choose it and those who don’t should stay away from it.

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