1.      What is the meaning of an erection?

 Erection takes place when the tubes present in the penile tissue are filed with blood. Erection is a natural reaction of the body that is experienced during orgasm and at the time of puberty.

 2.      Are erections normal during the day?

Erections are perfectly normal during the day. This can be experienced a lot by boys who are going through their puberty period. In case you have had an erection at an odd time then the body is acting naturally.

 3.      Does masturbating hurt?

 Masturbating does not really hurt but you may get sore if you do it quite often. If masturbating hurts then you must use a water soluble lubricant that will help in preventing soreness.

 4.      Birth controls are available at the doctor only?

Nowadays birth controls like condoms, dental dams and pills are available in supermarkets and at the chemist stores. However, it is safer to consult a doctor if you want to use birth control pills.

 5. Does sex hurt the first time and is there any blood?

 Having sex for the first time should not be painful. Majority of the women do not bleed during their first intercourse. If there is any bleeding then it can be due to a torn hymen.

 6. What to do when condom tears?

 You must immediately wash your self with soap and water and contact a doctor if you have any queries.

 7. Are there pills for breast enlargement?

 There are pills for breast enlargement but none have been approved for use in the United States. Other products can help with breast enlargement, but they have their side effects too.

8. Why does the groin hurt when kicked?

The groin is a very sensitive area as they are extremely rich in nerve endings. Testes are near the stomach so when kicked the pain is felt at the pit of the stomach.

 9. How often one must see the gynecologist?

 If there are any unusual gynecological symptoms then you must see a gynecologist.

 10. What to do during urinary tract infections?

 UTI can affect men and women. New development or recurrent problems of UTI can be easily diagnosed.

 11. Are vaginal secretions normal?

 Vaginal secretions are normal. They help to keep the vagina clean and prevent any infection.

 12. Does HIV transfer from kissing?

 The answer is not exact. The virus has been found in the saliva of the infected person. It may or may not cause HIV infection.

 13. Are home pregnancy tests accurate?

 Home pregnancy tests are accurate only after 27 days of conception.

 14. What is a hymen?

Hymen is a thin protective strip of elastic membrane that covers the vaginal opening.

15. What are phases of orgasm?

 The phases of orgasm are sexual responses. The four phases are arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

16. How long does a sperm live after ejaculation?

Sperms live only 24 to 48 hours after ejaculation.

17. Does using a tampon mean losing virginity?

 No. virginity is lost only when sexual intercourse takes place.

18. What is dry sex?

Dry sex has several definitions. It can be sex with no intercourse or having sex with clothes on.

 19. What are the chances of testicular cancer?

Men get testicular cancer very rarely. It accounts for only 1% of all cancers suffered by men.

20. What are sexual dysfunctions?

 Lack of interest in sex, low sex drive, inability to have an orgasm, and painful sexual intercourse are sexual dysfunctions.

21. What are the causes of low sexual desire?

 Reduced blood flow to the vagina, childbirth, diabetes, hormone deficiency and low testosterone levels are some of reasons for low sexual desire.

 22. What is the treatment for low sexual desire?

Reduction of stress, usage of testosterone cream, vaginal lubricants and estrogen pills are some remedies available for low sexual desire.

 23. Is masturbation safe?

Masturbation is perfectly safe as long as it does not hurt and cause soreness.

24. What are the benefits of sex?

Boosts self esteem, improves posture, lower mortality rate, reduced risk of prostrate cancer and firmness of body are some of the benefits of sex 

25. What must one do for successful married sex life?

Creating intimacy in the marriage is a great way to have a successful married sex life.


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